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About Retrocare

Established in 1991, Retracare is an insurance company, providing extended warranty and accidental damage policies. We sell directly to the retailer, who will then sell to you, the Customer.

Retracare is proud to be the commercial trading arm of retra, the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and service organisations. Formed in 1942, retra represents more than 1,000 members, including domestic electrical retailers, service engineers, custom installers, computer stores and electronic music shops.

Our association with retra means that all of the retailers and engineers associated with retracare’s policies have been approved as members of the Association and are therefore bound by their Code of Conduct.

We can, therefore, guarantee to you that all of our retailers and engineers will ensure that you receive the highest standard of service.

Formerly known as Retra Insurance Services Limited (RISL), the organisation was originally based in Ferndown in Dorset, until September 2012 following a relocation move to retra’s offices in Bedford. In August 2013, RISL became retracare.



What is it?
Once you have bought the Protection Plan, you simply do not need to worry about paying for repairs or call out fees should your product develop a fault.


What does the Protection Plan actually cover?
Repairs or replacement costs following mechanical or electrical breakdown.


Are all costs paid for?
Yes. Call out, labour, transportation and replacement parts and VAT.


How do I make a claim?
You simply call the protection plan administrators on 01234 245900 to register a claim, opening hours are 9am8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday & Sundays 10am-4pm.


Who are the administrators of the scheme?
Retra - The Radio Electrical & Television Retailers Association established in 1942, serving the customers of some 1,250 member companies with over 1,800 outlets, retra ensures the highest standards of service with members agreeing and signing up to a strict Code of Practice.


Who carries out repairs?
Repairs are carried out by your local authorised service agent or product manufacturer who will be equipped and trained to provide the required service.


What if the product cannot be repaired?
If this is the case, or it is beyond economical repair the plan will cover the cost of a replacement product, matching the specification of the original product.


Who pays for any service costs?
The protection plan will cover all services costs and will pay your repairer directly; there is nothing for you to pay. Once you have taken to the cover you can be assured of complete protection.


Are there any exclusions?
Yes, but kept to a sensible minimum. The cover does not include cleaning, tuning, batteries, blockages, misuse or accidental breakage. Your household insurance may give you cover against accidental breakage, fire, theft, flood.


How do I purchase a protection plan?
You can purchase a protection plan by clicking on the upgrade button and clicking "Add to Basket":

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